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Microsoft XAML Toolkit CTP - July 2010

Annunciata oggi la disponibilità dalla CTP di Luglio 2010 per lo XAML ToolKit

ricordo che lo XAML ToolKit comprende :

  • XamlDom – A XAML DOM that is LINQ friendly.  Enables easy static analysis.
  • XAML FxCop integration – You can run FxCop rules that analyze your XAML against rules.
  • XAML FxCop rule authoring - A BaseXamlRule implementation that allows you to write custom FxCop rules that target XAML.  We’re also shipping a couple of simple ones including a ValidationRule that will validate your XAML.
  • SilverlightSchemaContext – A XamlSchemaContext that allows System.Xaml to parse Silverlight XAML for tools use.


potete leggere l’annuncio qui

e scaricare la CTP del ToolKit qui

Renato Marzaro

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