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Articles VB.NET in English

Send Email with WindowsPhone

This example shows how to send email using a device with WindowsPhone. To try this example and must have a telephone system operating WindowsPhone8, alternatively you can try it with VisualStudio and the emulator WWGA512 mb, but without the ability to send email. With WindowsPhone 7 and 8 and not only can send Email directly from the device, but also creating our application of any type, but with the need to send email to this Microsoft gives us the class EmailComposeTask. This class provides several properties to be implemented in its entirety in order to competare everything you need to successfully send...

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Use the library ClosedXml for creating Excel files.

ClosedXml and a file with the extension. Dll thought to be able to easily create Excel files with just a few simple steps. You can find all the documentation and download ClosedXml from Codeplex, the link available below ClosedXml you can create files with Excel 2007 and 2010 version, keep in mind that to use ClosedXml we also need to install Microsoft OpenXml available for download below details.aspx? id = 5124. In this example there is a DataBase created for simplicity SqlCompact, where you can enter data in a table called UserData so that they can then preview...

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Set the default printer with WMI

Through this example will be shown how to use WMI (Windows management instrumentation) to select and set the default printer from those available on your operating system. To try this example requires the netFramework4.0 WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) is a component of the operating system, therefore not be downloaded separately, being already included, that contains a set of tools for managing and configuring the operating system. Using WMI, you can view and change the default printer "like this", or see the information machine hardware from the motherboard to the processor to the CPU until the installed cards and more. One of the famous programs that interface with WMI...

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Monitor the idle time between user and application.

This article will explainhow to monitor the time in which the user interacts with the application using the Windows API function. To run this example and need to have the framework 4.0 installed on yourPC. The example that we're going toimplement it through the Visual Studio 2010, target framework 4.0.Tutto this is feasible as mentioned above using the library user32.dll present nativelyin the operating system MicrosoftWindows.Il following code usesthis library using the function GetLastInputInfo . GetLastInputInfo is a functiononly of the applicable software for Windows, (not on a website). GetLastInputInforeturns a Boolean value, if the function fails it returns zero orany value...

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Example application data with SQLserver 2008 Express

This example shows how to interact with commonly usedcommands in a data application using SQLSERVEREXPRESS. In order to run the samplemust be installed on the target computer. NETFramework 4.0 and SQLServer2008EXPRESS The example is based on the use ofcommonly used TRANSACT.SQL, Insert, Delete, andUpdate. Also included are some search queries by usingLinqToDataSet, queryascending, descending and search queries according to specific criteria. The example consists of a database named Example.mdf, inside there is a table with four fields, the table's primary key ID, a field called NAME nvchar type,a field called NAME nvchar and always ofa field called AGE also nvchar type.The execution...

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Use Class Mail for sending e-mail

This application exampleuses the classMailthisnamespaceSystem.Net.Thisexample describeshow to implementall its methodsfor sendingemails.Formore informationonClassMail willreferto this link. In order totest the exampleon yourPCyou need to haveinstalled.NetFramework4.0 TheSystem.Net.Mail classcontainswithin itthe necessary classestosend e-mail,and throughthe SMTP serverwhich receivestheincomingmail message,and thenlatersend the messageto that recipient.There isalso the class ofattachment,with whichyoucan includethee-mailattachments.The example ofmore thanability to sende-mail messages,allows you to sendattachmentstogether,and moreovercan storeall email addresseswithin a variablein thesettingof typeStringCollectionSystem.Collection.Specializatedbelongto the namespace. Start the application andspecifyyoure-mail addressand passwordfor identificationand authenticationto yourmail servermustalso specify theSMTPmailserver,usingthe serversneedto be awareof the server nameand portfor SMTP transactions. After that, themail recipientsortowhich to send theemail,then the objectthatthe message titlewill showthat thedeatinatariointheirmail box,and the bodyof themessage,...

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Find email addresses from a file

These days I'm stumbling on the use of regular expressions, after several attempts I managed to get what I wanted, to find a simple text file and save e-mail addresses turn into another file.Lascio below code I used to do this. This is the code that I leave for completeness even though the opening, reading a file is not something so complicated I think for many of you. 'Button's Click event CaricaFileToolStripMenuItem CaricaFileToolStripMenuItem_Click Private Sub (ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CaricaFileToolStripMenuItem.Click 'Declare a new OpenFileDialog Dim open As New OpenFileDialog 'Set the Filter property so that it can only open text file open.Filter...

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Find links to a file

With this code example I want to share it for those who need it how to get links from a file present in it, I can say I'm stumbling the use of regular expressions, which even now after some time I do a lot of effort in understanding them, and why everything I can i share it freely with all who need years. Remember to include the namespace System.Text.RegularExpression 'Import of components. NETFramework Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions This is the part of the code to open the file.   'Button's Click event CaricaFileToolStripMenuItem CaricaFileToolStripMenuItem_Click Private Sub (ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CaricaFileToolStripMenuItem.Click      'Declare a new OpenFileDialog      Dim...

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Example of using Access database file with VB.NET

Thiscode examplewill demonstratehowtoperforminsert,update, anddeleteanAccess database file,byusingquery.L'sample applicationandrequiresAccess2007database filecontains atablenamedTabellaRubricainsidethere arefourfieldsnamed"Name ","Surname","Phone",PosizioneRubrica. "Inthe main formhas fivesectionsrelatedto data entry,editing,deletingasectionforresearchofcontactsin threeways, by name,surnameandtelefono.Infinethere will beacontrolDataGridWievassociated with thedatabase tablebookwhich willdisplayallthedataenteredintothedatabase tablebook.Theoperation startsbyinsertinganewdata record,bisognaràfillinevery part of thesectionISEREdata and confirmwiththeenterbuttononcecompletedalltheboxestesto.Ecanalsomodifyand deletedatapreviously enteredby selectingthe record tomodify, anddelete,will beautomaticallypopulatedsectionsofthetext boxesCHANGEDATAanddelete data.At thatpointyoucanmodifyandupdateordeletedatapermanentlyfromthe database.InClassRubricaDAO.vbyouusethequeryparameters for the'data entryinthe phonebook,andformorecomprehensiveinformation consultthedocumentationonMSDNLibrary. Torun thesamplemust haveinstalledthe.netFramework4,2007MicrosoftAccessoMicrosoftDataBaseEngine2010Redistributableandcreatea database filewithAccess2007withan internaltablecalledTabellaRubricawith5fields,meterID, NAME,COGNOME.TELEFONO,POSIZIONE_RUBRICAalltypetext.The sample applicationhasthe databaselocationD:\Rubrica.accbd,ifyou do not haveaD driveonyourPC you mustchange thepathdepending onwherethe database fileresidesin theapplication settingsandfilesRubricaDAO.vb. ' Classe FrmRubrica Public Class FrmRubrica     ' Evento load del form FrmRubrica     Private Sub FrmRubrica_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load         'TODO: questa riga di codice carica i...

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Example autocomplete textbox using a data source.

Thiscode exampledoesdemonstratehow to performaautocompletamenntoTextBox controlbyloadingthepropertyof theTextBoxAutoCompleteCustomSourcefromadatabase tabledati.Verràfirst createsalocal database.sdfSqlCompactwherethere will beatablecalledwords,then runtheConfigurationWizardtocreateadatasetat the enddrag on theformandwe willFrmAutoCompletetheDataGridViewsoallthe commandsavailable through theBindingNavigatorto runtheinsertupdateanddeletedataintheformwe will havemore thanDataBase.SulDataGridViewgenerated usingtheDataSetwizard,a button andaboxalsocontainsavariabletesto.LesempiotipoSystem.Windows.Form.AutoCompleteCustomSourcein thesettingsof the example.  Execution of the application are checked on AutoComplete variable as shown in next code,ifnothingof it is createdaninstance, otherwise itisassigned to the propertyof theTextBoxAutoCompleteSourceits value.UsingtheUpload buttonandperformaniterationthatwill bepossibleto updateandsavealldataenteredtothe variableAutoComplete. Formsareavailable onall components to performtheinsert,update, anddeletethedatabase tableParole.sdf. 'Classe FrmAutoComplete Public Class FrmAutoComplete     'Evento Click del Pulsante TABELLAPAROLEBindingNavigatorSaveItem     Private Sub TABELLAPAROLEBindingNavigatorSaveItem_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles TABELLAPAROLEBindingNavigatorSaveItem.Click         'Verifica il valore del controllo che non è più attivo         Me.Validate()         'Appplica le modifiche all'origine dati sottostante         Me.TABELLAPAROLEBindingSource.EndEdit()         'Aggiorna...

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