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This is me! This space is about Microsoft® .NET® and Microsoft® Visual Basic development. Enjoy! :-)

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Visual Studio Code Succinctly, my new ebook

Here I go again I wanted to share that my new eBook Visual Studio Code Succinctly is available for free. You probably know how Microsoft is strongly embracing open source and cross-platform development and Visual Studio Code perfectly fits into this. VS Code is a lightweight, open source and cross-platform code-centric development tool that runs on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. With Visual Studio Code you can write cross-platform applications for the Web and the Cloud, as well as working with folders and code files with support for a large number of languages. As usual, I tried to put inside this...

posted @ lunedì 2 maggio 2016 16:16 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Misc Visual Studio 2015 ]

Retrieving RSS feeds for Twitter and Facebook

You might need to analyze RSS feeds from different pages in order to get information and latest news from a channel. Facebook and Twitter are probably the most interesting, but there's no easy specific API. Fortunately it is possible to retrieve the RSS feed 2.0, that is XML, in a pretty easy way. The following URL allows retrieving the RSS feed of a Facebook page (not user profile): Where pageidnumber is the id of the desired page. For instance, the Facebook address for my VB community in Italy is the following: About Twitter, you can retrieve a feed like this: Where username is the account name of the person...

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My new book "Visual Basic 2012 Unleashed" is available

I'm pleased and proud to announce that my new book "Visual Basic 2012 Unleashed" is available, both paperback and digital edition! This time I had the honor of featuring Lucian Wischik, the VB Specification Lead at Microsoft, as the author of a great foreword. As usual, it has really been a hard work, but fortunately working with a great team (including Matthew Kleinwaks as the tech editor) makes things easier. The book has been fully updated to target the .NET Framework 4.5 and the new features in the Visual Basic programming Language, such as the Async/Await pattern, new tools in the...

posted @ lunedì 28 gennaio 2013 22:43 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Visual Basic Silverlight/Windows Phone Windows Presentation Foundation Windows Communication Foundation LINQ/EF/OData Misc .NET Framework Help Authoring Setup & Deployment Visual Studio Extensibility Visual Studio Express Editions Windows Azure Windows 8 & WinRT Visual Studio 2012 ]

Axialis releases Ribbon & Toolbar stock icon

Axialis has released a new set of icons, designed for use in ribbons & toolbars of Windows applications. The style is dynamic and professional, making them suitable for a large variety of applications. Provided sizes are compatible with application ribbons and toolbars but can also be used in websites. Icons are available in sizes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and normal, hot & disabled states. Provided file formats are PNG, ICO and BMP. Colors are coded in RGB with alpha channel transparency in PNG and ICO icons. As a reader of my blog, you are eligible of a 30% discount for purchasing the...

posted @ martedì 1 novembre 2011 23:25 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Misc ]

Axialis ScreenSaver Producer 4.0

Axialis just released the 4.0 version of their great ScreenSaver Producer tool, which offers a convenient instrumentation for creating screen savers also compliant with Windows Vista and Windows 7. A cool feature is that you can also package screen savers for an easier deployment and you can also create limited/trial versions if you produce commercial packages. If you want to take a look, you can find it here. Alessandro

posted @ lunedì 7 dicembre 2009 00:22 | Feedback (10) | Filed Under [ Misc ]

IconWorkshop 6.5 released

You will probably know IconWorkshop from Axialis, perhaps the best tool for producing icons for your applications. You may want to take a look at the new features available in the just released version 6.5; you can read the following page for further information: Two particular features are impressive, the ability of editing bitmap images and the improved add-in for Visual Studio. Take a look :-) Alessandro

posted @ domenica 30 agosto 2009 17:42 | Feedback (9) | Filed Under [ Misc ]

Interview with a Microsoft MVP: that's my time :-)

Alessandro Teglia, MVP Lead CEE & Italy from Microsoft Italy, often interviews Microsoft MVPs living in countries about he's the Lead for. Then he publishes interviews to his blog. Alessandro just published the interview he made with me :-) You can find it here. So if you want to know something more about me... take a look! :-) Alessandro

posted @ domenica 29 marzo 2009 22:52 | Feedback (7) | Filed Under [ Misc ]

The first English post!

Hi All, I think that most of you already know me if you spend some time in the Italian Visual Basic Tips & Tricks community or if you read some articles I wrote for the MSDN Visual Basic Developer Center or CodeProject; but maybe you downloaded some source projects from CodePlex or Code Gallery and you liked them (hopefully!). I'm a Team member in the above mentioned VB T&T community and I'm a Microsoft MVP in Visual Basic development. I decided to start this new English language blog (and I have to thank the VB T&T guys for hosting) because while being an...

posted @ venerdì 2 gennaio 2009 17:24 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Misc ]

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