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Windows Phone: the SaveAppointmentTask class

The Windows Phone 8 SDK introduces new launchers, which are tasks on the phone that you can interact with via managed code. Among the Others, the new Microsoft.Phone.Tasks.SaveAppointmentTask class allows saving an appointment in the calendar or an activity in the specified time interval.

For instance, the following code creates an appointment in the calendar:

        Dim appointmentTask As New SaveAppointmentTask
        With appointmentTask
            .AppointmentStatus = Microsoft.Phone.UserData.AppointmentStatus.OutOfOffice
            .Details = "Going on vacations"
            .StartTime = New Date(2013, 7, 1)
            .EndTime = New Date(2013, 7, 18)
            .Location = "Seaside"
            .Reminder = Reminder.OneDay
            .Subject = "I'm not available"
        End With

Properties are pretty self-explanatory, in particular focus on the AppointmentStatus one which allows chosing how we should appear to our contacts, by selecting a value from the Microsoft.Phone.UserData.AppointmentStatus. We can chose among OutOfOffice, Busy, Free, Tentative .

The Reminder property instead allows selecting a value from the Microsoft.Phone.Tasks.Reminder to set the reminder time. In this case, a reminder appears the day before (OneDay) but many are the available values. IntelliSense will help you as usual.

Of course the appointment will not be saved directly, but it will require interaction with the user who will be able to edit the appointment details via a familiar user interface, as demonstrated in the following figure:


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