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Windows Phone: picking up contacts in code

In Windows Phone apps, you can easily pick up contacts from the contact list in code. You simply need to use a chooser called Microsoft.Phone.Tasks.AddressChooserTask.

You define an instance:

    Private contattoSelezionato As String
    Dim WithEvents addressChooser As AddressChooserTask
    Public Sub New()
        Me.addressChooser = New AddressChooserTask
     End Sub

Then you invoke Show to start the chooser:


To determine the returned contact, you handle the Completed event and you read the value only if the user has confirmed her choice (the TaskResult.OK value from the TaskResult enum):

    Private Sub addressChooser_Completed(sender As Object, e As AddressResultHandles addressChooser.Completed
        If e.TaskResult = TaskResult.OK Then
            Me.contattoSelezionato = e.DisplayName
        End If
    End Sub

Other than the DisplayName you can also retrieve the Address , which is actually the value that determines the difference between contacts with the same name or between elements belonging to the same contact.


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