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My first eBook: "Hidden WPF"

A few days ago, we have released my first eBook called "Hidden WPF: Secrets for creating great applications in WPF":

Hidden WPF: Secrets for Creating Great Applications in Windows Presentation Foundation

Published by InformIT (the online division of my publisher SAMS/Pearson), this is a different publication. It's a very small book, 99 pages, produced and thought for mobile devices. Here you will find tons of tips & tricks, suggestions, and real world implementations that I collected in my daily work, building applications with Windows Presentation Foundation.

Price is $ 7,99. You will find many info about working with PDF and XPS documents, suggestions to get the most out of the Visual Studio IDE with WPF, enhancing your debugging experience, improving the user interface performance, common requirements (e.g. ComboBox controls with lookup tables), descriptions of Productivity tools either free or paid, that you might have probably missed.

I'm aware that WPF has been definitely become very popular in the developer community Worldwide, so probably this publication can bring you some value. After all, we do not have to forget that WPF is the premiere technology about building apps for the Desktop, despite HTML5, the Web, and the apps for Windows 8.


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