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Visual Basic 2015 Unleashed: my new book is available

It has been a long road, but my new book Visual Basic 2015 Unleashed is finally available. It is not a simple update from the previous edition, Visual Basic 2012 Unleashed. In the 2015 edition, I made significant revisions, fine-tuning contents as technology evolves from the Microsoft perspective. Also, I had the pleasure and the honor of featuring Anthony D. Green and Lucian Wischik from the Managed Languages team at Microsoft as the technical editors. They are the people who know Visual Basic better than any one on the Planet and their work has been invaluable to make this book even...

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New article series about Visual Basic 2015

I've started a new article series about Visual Basic 2015. More specifically, there are three new articles about the new code focused experience in VB and the .NET Compiler Platform. You might find the articles on the InformIT web site: Part 1 - The code focused experience in Visual Basic 2015 Part 2 - Live Code Analysis with Visual Basic 2015 Part 3 - Creating custom refactorings with VB 2015 (coming soon) Enjoy! Alessandro

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My book Visual Basic 2015 Unleashed available for pre-order

I'll be writing a more detailed post with sample contents, however this is to inform you that my new book Visual Basic 2015 Unleashed can be pre-ordered on Amazon. There's a lot of new stuff that you might want to check out as a VB developer, such as Windows 10 development, .NET Compiler Platform (project "Roslyn"), and of course all the new language features. Check it out! Alessandro

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OData v4 and Web API example with Visual Basic 2015

It's been a while since my latest blog post here. The reason is that I've been busy writing a new book about Visual Basic 2015, which is still under development, and with my Italian blog and resources. I'll try to write more frequently from now on. This post is to tell you that I've published a basic example about creating an OData v4 service with Web API and Visual Basic 2015. The excuse has been that there's no sample in Visual Basic. I have used Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 and you can download the sample from MSDN Code Gallery Have fun Alessandro

posted @ venerdì 27 febbraio 2015 16:50 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Visual Basic ]

A new app for Windows Phone 8 built with VB: Where are my Items?

It's been a long time since my last post in this blog. As you might know, I run an Italian community about Visual Basic so writing in two different languages concurrently can be hard, especially when you also author books about programming, such as Visual Basic 2012 Unleashed About Visual Basic, I use it everyday not only for building business apps and for authoring learning materials, I also use it for building apps for Windows Phone. I have recently published a new app, called Where are my Items? (download here). The goal of the app is saving the location of...

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My new book "Visual Basic 2012 Unleashed" is available

I'm pleased and proud to announce that my new book "Visual Basic 2012 Unleashed" is available, both paperback and digital edition! This time I had the honor of featuring Lucian Wischik, the VB Specification Lead at Microsoft, as the author of a great foreword. As usual, it has really been a hard work, but fortunately working with a great team (including Matthew Kleinwaks as the tech editor) makes things easier. The book has been fully updated to target the .NET Framework 4.5 and the new features in the Visual Basic programming Language, such as the Async/Await pattern, new tools in the...

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My new video: Global namespace in Visual Basic 11

Visual Basic 11 Beta makes it easier to abstract the namespace definition outside the root namespace of the project by using the Global keyword for namespaces. I have recorded a new video to explain how it works, including extending namespaces of the .NET Framework's BCL: Alessandro

posted @ domenica 11 marzo 2012 19:12 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Visual Basic ]

My new video: Call Hierarchy in Visual Basic 11

Visual Studio 11 Beta introduces the Call Hierarchy tool window for Visual Basic. This was already available in Visual C# in VS 2010, and allows getting a visual representation of calls from and to methods, showing the hierarchy of calls. Learn how to use it in this new video that I have just recorded: Alessandro

posted @ domenica 11 marzo 2012 19:09 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Visual Basic ]

My new video: CallerMemberInfo in Visual Basic 11

The Beta of Visual Basic 11 introduces three new attributes: CallerFilePath, CallerLineNumber, and CallerMemberName. These allow retrieving information that previously could be available only via reflection, and including the .pdb debug files and in full-trust environments and you will typically use them in logging scenarios. Learn how to use them in this video: Alessandro

posted @ domenica 11 marzo 2012 18:58 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Visual Basic ]

Windows Phone: listing and playing videos from YouTube (Visual Basic)

I am building an'app for Windows Phone 7.5 where I needed to show a list of videos from a YouTube channel, listing videos inside a ListBox and then allowing users to play the selected video. I never did this before, so I found an interesting article on Visual Studio Magazine that put me on the right direction and that I adapted to my needs (not least writing code in Visual Basic ). The first thing you need to do is constructing the Web address of the feed containing the desired list of videos. There is a number of URIs according to what you...

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