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Calendar example with ASP.NET

Most of the people who visit my blog well know that I'm not really interested in the ASP.NET world. But I wanted to understand something more about web applications in Visual Studio 2005, so I started to take a (little) look.

Being helped by a great friend of mine, whose name is Alessandro Ardovini from Rome (I want to thank him in front of everyone of you, because he also agreed to prepare a download for what I'm going to describe), I've realized a simple Web application which implements a particular calendar. Controls allow to select a date via Comboboxes; on the other side you can select a date by using a pop-up calendar which gets actived when you click a specified button. It's really interesting to notice how the day's name field is automatically filled when you select month and year from combos.

The following screen-shot shows a web page with the pop-up calendar control active:

You can download the source Visual Studio 2005 project at this address. Since my same-named friend Alessandro develops in C# (him too!!), sources are written using this programming language, but converting them to VB will not be so hard.

If you want to ask something about the above project, you can leave a feedback, contact me at my e.mail address or contact Alessandro Ardovini (who's also a great .NET Framework, ASP.NET and IIS expert) at his mail address.

I hope this small job can be useful to you as it was to me.


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