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Di seguito alcuni links relativi a documentazioni, materiali e risorse che ho incontrato durante le mie peregrinazioni nel mare di internet.
A me serviva un punto di appoggio per memorizzarci appunto dei links che reputo interessanti.

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Tips e materiali vari

EAN-13 BarCode ActiveX Control Drawer
Mick Dohertys DotNet Tips - Miscellaneous - molto interessante!
Opening files, applications, Web documents, and the mail client

Bug Tracking

BugTracker.NET GNU

Gemini Project Issue Tracking Gratuito fino a 10 utenti

Edgewall Software: Trac



Crittazione immagini
RGB and HSL Colour Space Conversions




Main Page - ZedGraphWiki

ZedGraph is a set of classes, written in C#, for creating 2D line and bar graphs of arbitrary datasets. The classes provide a high degree of flexibility -- almost every aspect of the graph can be user-modified. At the same time, usage of the classes is kept simple by providing default values for all of the graph attributes. The classes include code for choosing appropriate scale ranges and step sizes based on the range of data values being plotted.


Office 2003: XML Reference Schemas

Use ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET to Transform XML to RTF and Display in Word

Building Applications with Microsoft Outlook Version 2002


Create and manipulate PDF documents - 100% .NET


HOW TO: Send Raw Data to a Printer by Using Visual Basic .NET

"PrintDocument Class" does not implement the PrintToFile feature

In the Microsoft .NET Framework Class Library documentation, the help topic for PrinterSettings.PrintToFile Property, under the Remarks section, states the following:

Note This property is only used by the PrintDialog class and cannot be set programmatically.

However, when you try to set the PrintToFile property programmatically, you do not receive any error. Additionally, when you set the PrintToFile property to True, the PrintDocument class sends the output to a printer and not to a file.


Rich Text Format (RTF) Version 1.5 Specification

Specifiche rtf - download

 Windows Forms Programming

Drawing Your Own Controls Using GDI+


How to: Host Controls in Windows Forms DataGridView Cells
The DataGridView control provides several column types, enabling your users to enter and edit values in a variety of ways. If these column types do not meet your data-entry needs, however, you can create your own column types with cells that host controls of your choosing. To do this, you must define classes that derive from DataGridViewColumn and DataGridViewCell. You must also define a class that derives from Control and implements the IDataGridViewEditingControl interface.


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