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My CodePlex projects

Azure Blob Studio 2011

Azure Blob Studio 2011 is a WPF application written in Visual Basic 2010 which allows developers to easily manage files on their Blob Storage service on Windows Azure, for both the local Developer Account and your own account on the Internet. Settings for your account are stored within My.Settings instead of the configuration file (see notices in the code about using App.config instead). The application is available in two versions: - stand-alone WPF client - extension for Visual Studio 2010 (also available from the Visual Studio Gallery) Get them here. You can: Work with both the developer and on-line accounts ...

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Neptune, a MVVM Framework for Visual Basic 2010

Neptune is a light framework for building WPF apps based on the Model-View-ViewModel pattern with Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4. Written in *Visual Basic 2010* The library contains: a ViewModelBase class, ready to be inherited - a ServiceLocator class which you use within service layers - a Messenger class which you use as the message broker - RelayCommand and RelayCommand(Of T) classes for relaying the command logic - a simple IDataService intervace with most common members which you can inherit in your service layers. The library is featuring the Messenger class from the Ocean framework by Karl Shifflett Available downloads include: ...

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XAML Code Snippets

Provides support for adding XAML code snippets in the Visual Studio 2010 code editor for XAML in WPF and Silverlight projects. The addin has been written in Visual Basic 2010 and actually targets Visual Studio 2010 RTM. It uses and creates classic .Snippet files for XML syntax. At runtime the XML markup is simply pasted as XAML in the code editor. You use it as follows: 1. to insert a code snippet, right click the code editor and select Insert XAML Code Snippet from the context menu: 2. in the appearing dialog select the folder containing your XML .Snippet files and then select...

posted @ domenica 25 aprile 2010 01:00 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ My CodePlex projects ]

Export Selection As Code Snippet

This add-in for Visual Studio 2008 allows to export selected code as a reusable Code Snippet (.snippet file format) for Visual Studio 2008. Complete *Visual Basic* source code and a documentation file are provided. Check out the new version for *Visual Studio 2010 RC* Note: now available a version for Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate here The add-in adds a menu item to the Code Window context menu. After you select a code snippet in the code editor, just right click the selection. Select the "Export as Code Snippet" command from the context menu: Then, customize your snippet's properties in the appearing window. The...

posted @ sabato 13 marzo 2010 01:00 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ My CodePlex projects ]

Custom WPF RSS Feed Aggregator

A Custom RSS Feed client aggregator based on Windows Presentation Foundation which allows to easily stay up to date with news from Microsoft websites and community blogs. Sites and blogs are grouped into categories and you can easily browse them, read the news and open the corresponding Web pages when needed. For each feed you'll have the post title (with Hyperlink), the publish date and the category. Sites and categories are stored inside a customizable XML document. You'll be able to add new feed addresses via the UI, without the need of manipulating the document by yourself. By default, the...

posted @ domenica 9 novembre 2008 01:00 | Feedback (11) | Filed Under [ My CodePlex projects ]


WinGAC is a Windows Forms application for installing .NET assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache, via a frendly user interface and a few mouse clicks. You can install multiple assemblies per time and all .NET Framework versions are supported. You won't need anymore long and complex command lines. Get it here.

posted @ sabato 8 marzo 2008 01:00 | Feedback (8) | Filed Under [ My CodePlex projects ]

GUI for Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Package Generator

GUI for the command line tool "Microsoft SharePoint Workflow Package Generator", shipped with the Visual Studio Tools for Office Power Tools for Visual Studio 2008. With this tool you can create packages to deploy SharePoint 2007 workflows to a server. The GUI I made for this tool is a Windows Presentation Foundation application, and you'll learn things like control templates, windows resizing, bitmap effects and gradients.  Get it here.

posted @ sabato 23 febbraio 2008 01:00 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ My CodePlex projects ]

DeltaForth File Builder

Graphical User Interface for the one and only Forth language compiler for .NET Framework, known as DeltaForth. Syntax colouring is supported together with setting compiler options via GUI. An installer is also available, made with CyberInstaller Suite. Get it here.

posted @ domenica 30 dicembre 2007 01:00 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ My CodePlex projects ]

Show Reader for MSDN Shows

ShowReader is an application built with Visual Basic 2005 which allows to play .NET Shows and MSDN Shows videos and view transcript in a single Window; it has a navigation bar to browse Microsoft websites where you can find this kinds of videos, like interviews, tutorials, screencasts about .NET and Windows development. A Windows Presentation Foundation edition is also available! Get it here.

posted @ domenica 15 luglio 2007 01:00 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ My CodePlex projects ]

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