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Vsi Builder 2008 developer tool

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a new tool for developers called Vsi Builder 2008, hosted by the Visual Basic Tips & Tricks Community.

Vsi Builder 2008 is a unique graphical interface tool which allows the creation of .vsi installation packages for easily redistributing and installing additional contents for Visual Studio (code snippets, macros, add-ins, projects/items templates and starter kits, toolbox controls) with a few mouse clicks!

Vsi Bulder 2008 is a completely free tool and it’s for developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio, both in 2005 edition and 2008 edition! Moreover, Vsi Builder 2008 can also be used with Visual Studio Express Editions! It's the one and only tool *in the world* of this kind supporting Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Complete documentation is provided and based on Help 2.5 Microsoft technology. The documentation can be viewed as stand-alone or inside the integrated Visual Studio 2005/2008 help system.

Vsi Builder 2008 is available both in Italian and English localizations and will be installed on your pc by a really simple setup procedure created with CyberInstaller.


Select your target environment (Visual Studio 2008/2005), add your contents for Visual Studio, specify your license agreement (optional) and build your package!

Share your .Vsi package as you like with your friends and other developers and simply double click it to start the Visual Studio Community Content Installer wizard to install your contents:

This is the first time in Italy which appears an application of this kind (and the second time in the World), so come on and get it from the download Area of Visual Basic Tips & Tricks! An introductory English article is available here on Alessandro Del Sole’s blog.

Download the English version

Download the Italian version

Read the introductory article


The new 2008 release of Vsi Builder introduces the following improvements:

  • it's based on .NET Framework 3.5 instead of 2.0;
  • better support for Windows Vista due to .NET Framework 3.5 and CyberInstaller 2008 for deployment;
  • Vsi packages creation engine completely rewritten using LINQ;
  • Vsi packages creation procedure is faster;
  • fixed some bugs that were raised if only Visual Studio 2008 is installed.

So I reccomend to anyone who installed the prior v. 1.0 to remove this version and download and install Vsi Builder 2008.

Other resources:

I've added a pair of Community contents to the official MSDN Library about .Vsi file format ad the Visual Studio Content Installer.

You can find them here:



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