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settembre 2016 Blog Posts

Important updates about Code Snippet Studio

I have just updated Code Snippet Studio to version 1.3.9 with a couple major changes, both in the tool and in the project vision. Feature updates First, the new version includes an option to change the foreground color in the code editor, both in normal and selected state. You simply use the color pickers like this: Here I have used the ColorPicker control from Syncfusion's Essential Studio for WPF, yet Community License. If you have installed version 1.3.8, you might have noticed the availability of a third picker to change the background color for text selection. In 1.3.9, I decided to remove this...

posted @ sabato 24 settembre 2016 11:17 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Visual Studio 2015 ]

CrossAnalyzers, a new set of Roslyn refactorings and analyzers for VB and C#

I love open source and I recently published another project to GitHub called CrossAnalyzers. This project provides a number of code analysis rules and refactorings for both Visual Basic and C#, that integrate into the Visual Studio 2015 code editor. It's typically about patterns, e.g. it suggests you are binding a List instead of an ObservableCollection in platforms such as WPF or Xamarin, or it easily allows implementing view models or the INotifyPropertyChanged interface. Analyzers are available on NuGet, while both analyzers and refactorings are also available in the Visual Studio Gallery. Here's a sample in action, but don't forget to check out...

posted @ sabato 17 settembre 2016 12:18 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Visual Studio 2015 .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn) ]

Chatting about Code Snippet Studio with Syncfusion

Code Snippet Studio is an open source tool I started to build almost an year ago and, honestly, I mainly did it for myself. It is available as an extension for Visual Studio 2015 and a stand-alone app, but the extension has been definitely more successful. After an year and more than 7K downloads, I receive a lot of feedback and bug reports so I think it's an interesting tool for the developer community. Recently, I have been interviewed on Code Snippet Studio by Syncfusion and the reason is that I used some controls from the Essentials Studio for WPF suite. They...

posted @ sabato 17 settembre 2016 12:13 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Visual Studio 2015 ]

Introducing the Xamarin.Forms Starter Kit and the #XaMonday Show

I'm currently very busy with Xamarin.Forms for both development and training, so I decided to share some experiences I made with this platform. First, I published an open source project on GitHub called the Xamarin.Forms Starter Kit. It's a basic news reader, but it includes a number of things such as SQLite local data access, connectivity check, data-binding, pull-to-refresh, and more. It's here, and your contributions are welcome. Secondly, I started a new video series on Channel9 called the #XaMonday Show, where I'll be publishing a new video about Xamarin.Forms every monday (hopefully!). This is my way to share what I learn and to...

posted @ sabato 17 settembre 2016 12:06 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Xamarin ]

Xamarin.Forms: Enrich the UI with calendars and busy indicators with Syncfusion Essential Studio

As you might know, Syncfusion offers the very popular Essential Studio suite of controls for a huge number of development platforms, including Windows desktop, mobile, and Web. One thing you might not know, is that Syncfusion is offering individuals and small businesses free access to the Essential Studio for free via the Community License. You can read more about this offer in this page. Among the others, this offer includes Essential Studio for Xamarin. So, in this blog post I'm going to show how to use a couple controls in a Xamarin.Form app for Android, iOS, and Windows. More specifically, I'll show...

posted @ venerdì 2 settembre 2016 05:54 | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Xamarin ]

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