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Text animation in LightSwitch

As you might know, in LightSwitch 2012 you can now add text labels that are not data-bound, which is something you could not do in the previous version except if using some tricks.

So you basically select the Add Text command in a screen:

Then you specify the text to be displayed:

Such a label is shown as Normal text but in the properties you can change this behavior by selecting a different formatting such as Warning, Note, etc.

Behind the scenes it is a TextBlock control from Silverlight, so you can definitely create nice animations so that your text message is more appealing, e.g. like in a Welcome screen.

So you can create an animation in code, through a Storyboard and a ColorAnimation that you apply to the Foreground property, of course after you get the instance of the TextBlock. Translating in code:

        Private Sub Search_Created()

            ' Find the control

            Dim newsText = Me.FindControl("TextNews")


            AddHandler newsText.ControlAvailable, Sub(sender, e)

                                                      'Get the istance

                                                      Dim block = CType(e.Control, TextBlock)

                                                      'Set a different color, if you like

                                                      block.Foreground = New SolidColorBrush(Colors.Blue)


                                                      'Create an animation

                                                      Dim sb As New Storyboard

                                                      Dim colorAnim As New ColorAnimation

                                                      colorAnim.AutoReverse = True

                                                      colorAnim.RepeatBehavior = RepeatBehavior.Forever

                                                      colorAnim.From = Colors.Blue

                                                      colorAnim.To = Colors.Orange

                                                      colorAnim.Duration = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)


                                                      'Apply the animation

                                                      Storyboard.SetTarget(colorAnim, block.Foreground)

                                                      Storyboard.SetTargetProperty(colorAnim, New PropertyPath("Color"))



                                                  End Sub


        End Sub

You can certainly change animation properties as you like more, so you can choose different colors or a different duration. When you open the screen that contains the aforementioned label, you will see how it is animated. Sweet


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