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Visual Studio LightSwitch Unleashed - where are we?

Visual Studio LightSwitch Unleashed

I know that some of you already preordered my upcoming book Visual Studio LightSwitch Unleashed, so I woud like to keep you informed on the work progress. We (me and my  technical editor) have decided to reorganize the table of contents, so that the book has a more logical approach. We did not remove anything, we just changed how it is organized.

Basically now the book is made of two main parts, which make easier for the target audience to approach the book. The first part is dedicated to the LightSwitch developer and discusses the so-called "coding optional" features and that do not require Visual Studio 2010 Professional or higher, whereas the second part is dedicated to the profesional developer who not only wants to be immediately productive but that also requires elevated customization possibilities.

When I started writing the book based on Beta 1 I decided it should have a chapter about printing and reporting, but a lot of things have changed in the meantime so while on one side this chapter will survive, on the other side it will only discuss the Silverlight 4 Printing API from a coding perspective, then it will discuss extensions from Microsoft's partners ((DevExpress, ComponentOne, Infragistics), and other stuff that will be released soon.

I've added an appendix where a lot of resources are summarized, including both Microsoft resources and community resources (blogs, articles, community-made extensions).

The discussion about WCF RIA Services was originally included in the chapter about connections to external data sources, but now it has been moved to the very last chapter about extensibility. This makes more sense, given that you use RIA to create custom data sources other than data providers.

Also, originally I wrote a chapter about creating custom controls in the first part of the book but now this has been moved to the second part, so that the non professional developer will not get confused. Moreover this specific part has been divided into two dicussions, the first one about development and usage, the second one in the form of extensions.

Technical reviews are running fast now (as my sleepy eyes can tell you ) and I believe that a small delay will be necessary compared to the release date that you see on Amazon. I think it's correct to inform you that you will probably have to wait some more days, but I can assure that you will be glad of the final result. You fill find high-quality contents, samples from the real world, discussions up to date with the most recent tooling releases. In summary, this is how the book is organized:

Part one:

  1. Introducing LightSwitch and the development environment
  2. Developing both simple and complex business applications with relationships, built-in validation, all screen templates
  3. Custom data validation, sorting, querying, filtering
  4. Customizing applications with buttons, COM automation, extensions 
  5. Connecting to external data sources (SQL Server/Azure, SharePoint 2010)
  6. Authentication, authorizations, deployment 

Part two:

  1. Writing advanced code, advanced LightSwitch with Visual Studio 2010, dissecting LightSwitch applications' architecture
  2. Debugging
  3. Customizing the IDE
  4. Customizing the application with Silverlight controls 
  5. Printing and reporting
  6. Creating and sharing extensions (themes, shells, data sources, controls, screen templates, business types)

In this way, the book will guide you to discover gradually all the great features and benefits that LightSwitch can bring into your developer life, based on your level of experience.


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